A router is the main unit of today’s business networks, which provide a gateway with respect to traffic to a internet or other networks. Its main advantage is that it makes cross-network communication more moldable and permits large networks operational while outages or we can say during redesigning etc.  A router may be used along with some other useful deceives such as modems, switches, and firewalls to provide proper networking solution.

tp link modem setup

A router basically control’s or guide the traffic through a dynamically generated map of given network which is called a routing table to give direction and forward data according to the requirement.

Like Bluetooth’s today, we also have wireless routers which are easy to use and more efficient than the wired ones, these wireless routers are operated by Wi-Fi signals in given surroundings. These are generally used in homes and small offices etc. A router should be used as a valve while using Ethernet ports and give direction to intra-network traffic.

Here are few steps how to configure tp link modem-

  1. First, we switch off the power supply of all devices like modem, router, and computer.
  2. BY using Ethernet cable or wireless connection connect all devices with each other.
  3. Now switch On the power for all devices.
  4. After opening a web browser in computer go to
  5. Fill your username and password in given dialogue box.
  6. Now you are on configuration page where you have to select your “WAN Connection Type” using the drop-down menu.
  7. Now you have to fill PPPoE user name and password at least 2 times.
  8. By clicking on radio button choose your secondary connection.
  9. Then choose your “WAN Connection Type”.
  10. Then save your PPPoE settings by clicking on “Save”.

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