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reset tp link router to factory settings

We use routers to access internet through broadcasted WiFi signals. These routers come with some default settings, but after installation we change many controls and settings.
When a cable having internet connection reaches our home we cannot directly use that cable to connect to internet, there are certain devices in between to provide us internet. I use the cable to connect to tp link modem, then to router which broadcasts the WiFi signal. These modems and routers are modified with their settings like security measures, SSID, etc.

Need to reset router to factory default

tp modem login

Sometime our router may not work properly or we may not be able to authenticate to it. In such cases we only have one option that is to reset our router to its factory default. When router is reset to factory default, all its modifications are lost. Even the network name becomes the default one.
Once the router is reset and it is in its factory version, we can again login to our router’s portal and set changes s per our desire. It is always recommended to change Admin username and password after resetting a router. Also secure your WiFi name with password.
Today we will see the details for resetting TP link router.

Resetting TP Link router

There are mainly two methods to reset the Router to its factory defaults:
Method 1 :Hard reset – By pressing the RESET button
• Make router powered on.
• Now press and hold the WPS button (also called Reset button) for more than 10 seconds.
• Release the button when the SYS LED becomes quick-flash from slow-flash.
• Now router is rebooting and setting to its factory default.
Method 2 :By Router’s Web based Utility Wizard
• Login to the management page.
• Then go to Factory Defaults page under System Tools, and click on the restore button.
• Now Router reboots to its factory version.

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